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Get paid on short-term rentals to awesome artists.

Peer to peer audio equipment rental marketplace designed to increase musicians income while empowering them to let other musicians succeed.

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"Getting paid for gear that would be sitting around otherwise is pretty fantastic"

Making money in the music industry is hard, and gear is expensive. Peddl lets you make money with your gear while enabling other musicians to perform.

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"Getting it on demand saved the gig"

Whether you're traveling, performing at a venue that doesn't have in-house gear, or need equipment for another reason, Peddl has you covered.


We understand that musicians care about their equipment, we care about ours. We have policies in place that protect your gear from misuse, damage, or misplacement, ranging from background checks on our renters to legal policies.


Other options for renting equipment leaves musicians piled under a plethora of hidden fees, often amounting to more than 100% of the cost for the original rental. Peddl understands this, and therefore has no hidden fees. 

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